Cryptocurrency & ICO

"You can't stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and world will have to adapt. States will have to adapt"
(John McAfee)
We can not imagine the modern world without IT-technologies. Blockchain technology with its slogan "anonymity, security and transparency" in the early 20th century bursts into our lives.

According to statistics, as a result of all ICOS in the world, $28.4 billion was raised, which is a fairly clear indicator that this market is developing at a rapid pace.

At the same time, the widespread use of ICO and blockchain technology leads to the fact that state regulators are beginning to look at this sphere as an untilled field for their completely different nature of legislative initiatives.
We offer a range of services in the field of ICO
Step 1.
Analysis of token concept
At this stage we will provide recommendations for your token to ensure legality of ICO and that your token is considered "utility token" and not "security token".
Otherwise, we will suggest further steps to work with security tokens.
Step 2.
Choosing of jurisdiction
At this stage we will analyze the jurisdictions that are most suitable for conducting your ICO, and help with the incorporation of the company on behalf of which the ICO will be conducted.
Step 3.
Drafting of documentation
At this stage we will prepare documents required for ICO
(White Paper, Token Purchase Agreement, etc.)
Step 4.
ICO supporting
At this stage we will answer any of your questions relating to ICO and provide recommendations.
Legal services for IT-companies
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