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"15 years ago we asked each other: «What is ecommerce? What are its benefits for small business?»
I hope that 15 years later people won't think about ecommerce at all, just as we don't think about electricity today
(Jack Ма)
The world is being changed, and innovations that used to seem like something phantasmagoric and unreal, which could only have a place in the books of science fiction writers, are now an integral part of our everyday life.

But even all the latest modern technologies are gradually beginning to be regulated by the legislator, and their creators are obliged to act within the legal framework.
If you do not have the ability to enter into contracts by exchanging documents signed by both parties (for example, you provide services to your customers through the site), then you still need to regulate relations with customers from the point of view of law.

For this purpose you should prepare EULA (End User License Agreement) & ToS (Terms of Service).
Drafting of EULA & ToS
We will draft legally binding EULA & ToS, taking into account the specifics of your business. If necessary, we will also develop a Privacy Policy.
From" 15 " July 2016 special rules for use and control of cash registers (KKT) throughout the territory of the Russian Federation are introduced.

KKT should be used for settlements using cash or electronic means of payment for goods sold, works performed and services rendered by almost all individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

We offer the following services:

Use of online cash registers
analysis of the need to use on-line cash registers
registration of KKT in the tax authority
conclusion of a contract with the fiscal data operator
If you interact with individuals (sell goods, provide services or perform works), then you must comply with the Law "On Consumer Protection".

We will provide you with a full range of services in the field of relations with consumers:

Protection of merchants
recommendations to avoid disputes with consumers
consulting on consumers' requests & claims
representation in state bodies
preparation of claims and representation in court
Advertising is an integral part of our lives, so the legislator quite clearly regulated this area, starting from the indication of what can be advertised and what, on the contrary, can not be the object of advertising, to the development of rules for advertising some goods, works or services.

We offer the following services:

Legal support of
advertising campaigns
analysis of your advertising materials, identification of risks and development of recommendations for their elimination
drafting of contracts with advertising materials producers and distributors
representation of your interests in Federal Antimonopoly Service
preparation of claims and representation in court
Legal services for IT-companies
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