GDPR & Data Protection

"Who owns the information, owns the world"
(Nathan Rothschild)
Nowadays, the well-known aphorism of Nathan Rothschild remains actual, as far as information, including personal data, have their value, like any other asset.

Almost any company or entrepreneur owns information that is used in doing business and makes its owner competitive in the market. That is why access to this kind of information should be limited. However, it is impossible to keep information in absolute secrecy, put in a safe and locked.

We offer a compex of measures that will protect your information from unfair use:
Advising on the establishment of trade
secret regime
You will receive practical advice and will be able to legally establish a regime of "trade secret", and your information will be protected at the legislative level
Drafting of
You will receive a set of documents that will effectively protect information within your company
Drafting of NDA to be signed with partners
You will receive a draft contract in Russian or English, which you can sign with any partners
Representation in state bodies and court
If your information has been illegally disclosed, we will use the best efforts to prevent illegal actions of third parties
Legislators around the world pass laws that impose many responsibilities on companies and individuals who use personal data.

The most important in this area is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a legislative act of the European Union, as far as this document is extraterritorial. The GDPR Directive also applies to persons who are even outside the EU but have access to the personal data of EU residents and citizens. Thus, given modern globalization, the terms of the EU law must be respected by almost everyone in the world.
We offer a wide range of services related to Personal Data & GDPR:
practical recommendations on the legislation on personal data, including compliance with GDPR requirements, data protection in the Russian Federation and abroad
drafting Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing Policies
protection of personal data in accordance with Russian and foreign legislation
representation of your interests in state bodies (Roskomnadzor, Prosecutor's office)
Legal services for IT-companies
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