"Business is like a chess game, and you have to think a few moves ahead. Most people don't."
(Ted Turner)
Within the scope of Due Diligence our team conducts comprehensive audit of the company, including studying of:
We absolutely agree with Ted Turner, so we suggest to think about structuring of your business in advance, and our experience and competence will help you to pass Due Diligence, attract investors and competently structure the upcoming transaction.
corporate structure
correctness of documentation regarding labor relations
purity of IP rights
core activities, including contracts with partners
We will prepare a detailed report on the status of your assets, indicating the risks and recommendations for their elimination.

We will analyze all aspects of the planned M&A and propose the optimal structure of the upcoming transaction, ensuring:
tax optimization
full protection of your assets
best choice of jurisdiction for the transaction
options for corporate conflicts settlement
You will receive comprehensive qualified support in carrying out the planned M&A.
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