"I don't need a lawyer telling me what I can't do.
I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do."
(John Pierpont Morgan)

Other Services

We render services in the following fields:
Day-to-day business

contractual work of any complexity
(contracts in the ordinary course of business, corporate agreements)

obtaining licenses and permits from government agencies

interaction with public authorities
(claim work)

Labor Issues
protection of the employer (disputes with employees, inspection bodies)

audit and development of local regulations

staff reduction and restructuring (minimization of risks for the employer)

pre-trial settlement of disputes with employees

labor relations with the General Director and executives

Legal support of innovation

legal assistance in obtaining investments

innovation centers and the Law "On Innovations"

SKOLKOVO and its residents

Legal support for bloggers and media

recommendations on the Federal Law "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection"

responding to inquiries and interacting with law enforcement

compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law "On Mass Media"

obtaining rights to use content

development of legal positions to minimize the risks of prosecution

Court Protection
development of judicial protection strategies

representation in courts of General jurisdiction and Arbitration courts

protection of honor, dignity and business reputation

Legal services for IT-companies
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